Mark Cuthbertson
Mark Cuthbertson

Mark Cuthbertson received his JD from Albany Law School of Union University, and is currently the owner of Law Offices of Mark A. Cuthbertson, located in Greater New York Area. Mark opened the law office in 2004, focusing in municipal issues, zoning, civil litigation, commercial real estate, leasing, and Industrial Development Agency law.

Aside from his background in litigation, Mark has also served as Councilman for the Town of Huntington Board since 1998, and was elected for another 4 year term in 2013.
Mark is head coach of the Northport Cow Harbor Soccer League, as well as the Northport Youth Center and Elwood Soccer Leagues. He has been recognized for work and dedication to his hometown through a number of awards, including the Long Island Business News Best Public-Private Partnership for the Canon project, the Smart Growth Visionary Award, 2007 Regional Commuter Choice Award and the 2008 Tobacco Control Champion Award.
Mark is married to Michelle Cuthbertson, and they have three children (two boys and one girl.)

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